‘Bizarre’ discovery could explain how animals are born

The strange new discovery of a species of animal that looks like a jellyfish has scientists scratching their heads.

It’s not only the bizarre appearance of the species, which has baffled scientists since it was first described in 2007, but also its genetics. 

The new discovery, by a team from New Zealand, could explain the evolution of jellyfish species by offering clues about how life arose on Earth, say a team of researchers.

The jellyfish is a member of a group of jelly-like organisms known as echinoderms, which is also known as the ‘coconut of the sea’. 

The species, named after the South African-based coconut farmer who discovered it, is named for the ancient sea creatures of Indonesia, where it was discovered in the 1980s.

It is not the first time scientists have spotted jellyfish in the sea.

In 2010, a team of scientists from Switzerland and Spain, led by Dr David Goulson, discovered the bizarre looking creature in a river.

The jelly was the first to be found by a scientific expedition in the area of Lake Turkana in Tunisia.

The discovery has drawn comparisons to the discovery of the first jellyfish on Earth.

But Goulson said he was surprised to find a species like this one.

“It is very different from anything we’ve ever seen before,” he said.

Goulton said the discovery was made by a group of students and geoscientists from New Zealand and Spain, who were working together in a collaboration with the Australian National University.

This new jellyfish, which could be the oldest known jellyfish found in the oceans, is almost a million years old, the scientists said. 

They found it in a lake in a remote part of the Indian Ocean, in a region where most of the jellyfish are found.

“It’s really unusual,” said Dr Jonathan Farr, who is the senior author of the paper and was a co-author on the paper.

“This is probably the oldest jellyfish ever found, which means it’s probably very different to anything we have ever seen on Earth.”

Dr Goulton added the new species could have arisen by chance, but he didn’t think this was likely.

Scientists have not yet worked out exactly how the species got its name. 

Its genome, which was analyzed by the scientists, revealed the jellyfish was genetically quite similar to a species that has also been found in Australia. 

Gulson said this suggests it may have been a species that got its genetic material from a different region of the world.

The scientists also said they were unsure why the jelly was found in such a remote area, or whether it was an accidental discovery.

“The possibility that it’s an accidental animal discovery has never been ruled out,” Dr Goulon said.

“But the most likely explanation is that it was accidentally caught in a storm.”

The scientists said it was difficult to say how long the jelly had been there before being found, as the team was unable to sample it.

However, Dr Goulson said it might have been there for many millions of years.

“If it is really that old, then it must have lived in the very deep ocean,” he said.

“And that would mean that it must be a long time ago.”

The researchers plan to continue to search for the creature, while research efforts will focus on the genetic sequences found in the jellyfish.


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