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Algorithmic software could help save millions of lives

Recode, a technology news website, has been using a new algorithm called Tungsten to predict when a person will die.The algorithm, based on the temperature of a sample, then predicts the likelihood that a person is dead within a specific time window.The algorithm then determines if it should stop the death countdown.It is the first […]

NBA: LeBron James’ new deal worth $50M to stay with Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced Wednesday that LeBron James will become the team’s official spokesman for the next four seasons, bringing the total number of NBA contracts that the team has signed during his time in Cleveland to $150 million.James, the Cavaliers’ All-Star center and the NBA’s highest-paid player, signed a new five-year deal with the […]

What is aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is a type of aluminum foil used in most electrical devices.It is an inexpensive and easily made item that is used in electrical devices that use electricity.Aluminum foil can be used to insulate electrical components from moisture, corrosion and other electrical hazards.Aluminium foil can also be used as a component of a building […]

How to install aluminum foil wallpaper on your Apple iPhone or iPad

The idea of aluminum foil on your iPhone is a new one for Apple, and it’s not just because of the way Apple’s iPhone screen is designed.The iPhone 6 Plus was the first to offer a custom aluminum foil iPhone screen, which came with its own unique look, but this year it’s come to the […]

How to make aluminum foil: How to put it to work

With the recent launch of a new aluminum foil disc for the Toyota Corolla, the aluminum foil craze is getting back on track, and for good reason.Aluminum foil is a great way to get your hands on extra plastic for your vehicle.And for good reasons.It’s great for interior decorating and it’s great in the home.But […]

Aluminum foil crafts: What you need to know

With an increasing trend for aluminum foil jewelry and accessories, and a desire for the best quality aluminum foil for this type of work, you might be wondering what to expect from your aluminum foil craft.This article answers a lot of questions you might have.Read more:Aluminum foil crafts and their benefitsAluminum and aluminium foil have […]

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