How to use aluminum foil to make your house more eco-friendly

Aluminum foil is one of the cheapest ways to make a space more environmentally friendly, and it’s also the most efficient way to make aluminum foil bats.

The Globe and Mail has the story of how a Toronto mother decided she wanted to make her home more eco friendly and recyclable by making her aluminum foil batts from scratch.

The first bat she made from scratch, a two-kilogram (4-pound) bat with the word “BATS” on the end, was just $4.50.

After two weeks of tinkering, she was able to make it more than half the cost of a standard bat and a full two months of bat-making time.

The bat was made from an assortment of recycled plastic, aluminum, and aluminum foil.

“It was really hard to make this thing from scratch,” she said.

“The first time I tried it, I had a really hard time.

It was really loud.

The smell of it was really strong.

I just wanted to try to be a good person, because it is just so hard to clean up after this.

I was so excited that I put it up on my fridge and put it on my mantel.”

When the bat got a little dirty, she made it a little better with some recycled aluminum foil and a little plastic sheeting.

The result was a bat with a soft, fluffy interior, a fluffy exterior that’s actually lighter than a regular bat, and a bat that was recyclables-friendly.

“I wanted to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but I was really happy with the bat,” she says.

“If it doesn’t get in the way of my kids playing, then I don’t care.

If it’s not in the middle of a fire or anything like that, then it’s OK.

If I can use it for something fun, then great.”

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