How to use aluminum foil to protect your iPhone 5S from the sun

The iPhone 5s has been a hit among the tech community.

The device is a marvel of design, but one that has a lot of shortcomings.

One of those is that the device doesn’t have an edge case, which is essential for protection against the elements.

Aluminum foil is a material that can be applied to protect against sunburn and other skin irritations.

It can also be applied on the outside of a smartphone to provide a more protective layer of protection.

The downside is that aluminum foil is extremely fragile, so be sure to apply it as close to the edge of the phone as possible.

You can apply aluminum foil in any location, whether it’s your iPhone or not.

There are two ways to apply aluminum foils: the first is to place a piece of aluminum foil around your phone, then apply it to the edges of the smartphone.

This will allow you to apply a thin layer of aluminum foiling to protect the device from the elements and the elements of the environment.

You could also apply aluminum foam to the back of the iPhone to create a protective covering.

For more tips and tricks on using aluminum foil to protect iPhone 5 devices, check out our article on how to apply an aluminum foil on the iPhone.

Here are some useful articles that might help you get started with aluminum foiled iPhone 5 screens.

The second method is to apply the aluminum foil with a thin, flat-sided, circular object.

This technique will provide protection from the Sun.

Apply aluminum foil at the top of the screen.

This method requires you to first carefully roll the foil in a circular pattern around the iPhone screen, then carefully apply the foil to the surface of the handset.

This way, the aluminum is evenly distributed around the entire screen, and will not only protect your phone from the cold air, but also prevent sunburn.

Apply a small amount of aluminum foam around the edges and corners of the device, as well as the back.

This is an ideal method for protecting your phone if you don’t have any protective coverings, such as a back panel.

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