Rechargeable battery pack for your Samsung Galaxy S5

In a few years, we’ll be able to charge a smartphone without a bulky lithium ion battery.

The company that’s been at the forefront of this development, Samsung, announced its latest smart battery pack at Mobile World Congress this year.

The new battery is said to be smaller and thinner than the last one it released, but the company is also calling it a rechargeable battery that can be recharged and recharged again with a USB port.

That’s not the case with the battery in this prototype.

The battery is actually a plastic plate that sits on the top of the smartphone, making it thinner and lighter than a traditional lithium ion cell.

Samsung claims that the new battery can last for six months on a single charge, and Samsung claims the device is up to a 100 percent rechargeability.

Samsung’s claims come as a bit of a surprise given the battery pack it released last year.

In fact, the battery has been plagued with leaks for some time.

Last fall, the company told the world that it was working on a new battery that was smaller and lighter, but we haven’t heard anything new since then.

That was the case for a battery that Samsung was working with, too, but at the time, we didn’t know exactly what the new lithium ion technology was.

The Samsung Galaxy 5 and Galaxy S6 have both used the same lithium ion pack.

Both phones feature an 18650 battery that’s rechargeable.

It’s the same chemistry used in most cell phones and power outlets, but Samsung has kept the 18650 in place to keep things relatively cheap.

The difference is that the company has made the battery thinner and thinner to make it easier to use and to keep the price down.

The device Samsung unveiled at Mobile Worlds last year was a very basic one-cell battery.

It uses a proprietary battery cell with an electrolyte to store energy.

The cell is usually used to power electronic devices like smartphones and tablets, and it’s also used in battery-operated cars.

But Samsung made the cell smaller and more flexible.

The larger the battery, the more power it can store and the longer it can run.

It was a great improvement on a battery Samsung had already developed.

Samsung also added a removable cover that sits atop the battery to help keep the battery charged.

When the phone is in charge, it’s powered by an internal battery charger that is located on the side of the phone.

But when the phone goes to sleep, it automatically powers up the charger.

The removable cover lets you easily swap out the battery if you need to charge the phone, or you can charge it in a separate way.

When you hold the phone up to your ear, you’ll hear the charging sound.

The design of the battery is quite simple.

There’s a plastic ring around the battery that sits just below the glass.

The ring is made of two thin layers, one around the top and one around it.

The glass covers the bottom of the plastic ring, and the glass on the outside of the ring is transparent.

The top of this ring has a tiny hole for the USB port that lets you plug a USB-C port.

The USB-A port is hidden behind the plastic, and there’s also a slot on the inside of the metal ring that lets the charger attach to the battery.

There are also two plastic tabs at the bottom that hold the battery together.

When a charge starts, the plastic tabs release the charging cable.

The metal ring around this battery also holds the charging cord in place, which is a nice feature.

The charger can charge the battery up to four times faster than normal.

It has an internal power output of 150 watts, which makes it a lot easier to charge compared to other charging technologies like a USB Type-C charger or the built-in lithium ion charger that’s usually included with phones.

Samsung has said that the battery lasts for about five to seven days, which might not be the longest battery we’ve seen in a smartphone.

Samsung said that it can be charged for up to two hours, which means that the phone will only get up to six hours of battery life if you use it regularly.

Samsung didn’t provide any other details about the battery’s specs.

We’ve asked Samsung for more details on the design of this battery, and we’ll update this article if we get a response.

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