The World’s Most Famous Ice Cream Sandwich – No, It’s Not Ice Cream

The world is in for a treat when the world’s most famous ice cream sandwich hits shelves for the first time on Friday.

The World’s Favourite Ice Cream sandwich, named after its namesake, was developed by a Danish pastry chef named Jakob Nielsen and is the latest addition to the global ice cream craze.

It’s the most popular ice cream on the planet.

The Danish pastry master told AFP that he chose the name after a conversation with his wife in which he said he wanted to name his ice cream after his favourite country, Denmark.

“He asked me what my favourite country was and I said Denmark,” Nielsen said.

“We were very excited to have a Danish name and the rest is history.”

The ice cream comes in five flavours, including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Its first US release, called No, I’m Not an Ice Cream, will be available in stores nationwide on Friday, January 12.

Nielsen’s wife, Taina, said it was a dream come true.

“I had always been interested in ice cream, but this is definitely the first one that is made with real ingredients,” she said.

Nielsen said he would like to see his name used as a branding tool for the food industry.

“When you do something as good as this, the best thing is to be known,” he said.

The Danish pastry world is growing at a rate of about 10,000 new employees a month, Nielsen said, adding that his dream was to work on the ice cream with the likes of the Coca-Cola Company.

“The Danish ice cream has a special meaning in Denmark,” he added.

“It has been very well received by all of the people we work with, so we will have a long time to wait for the official launch.”

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