What’s in your Aluminum Foil Beanie?

The aluminum foil beanies, which are a new style of beanies for kids, come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns.

The beanies are designed with children in mind.

“We really want to give them a different way of seeing what they are,” said the company.

The design, which comes in various sizes, colors and patterns, is inspired by the different colors and shapes of the aluminum foil in the world around them.

“What we are trying to create is something that can be used for a variety,” said co-founder and CEO Adam Zemelman.

“It’s a way for kids to really be creative, something that they can wear, a way to hold something, a good way to interact with their environment.”

The beanie is made of aluminum foil that can then be covered in a special foam that is then dipped in a mixture of aluminum, calcium and magnesium.

The foam helps absorb the heat generated by the aluminum, while also being strong enough to resist cracking.

The company uses these materials because they are “easy to manufacture,” said Zemel.

The aluminum has a high melting point, which means it can be baked at a very high temperature, which makes it ideal for use in other kinds of electronics, like electronics that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

“These materials are strong enough, they’re durable enough and they’re very inexpensive,” said Joe Hahn, vice president of marketing for Aluminum, Inc. “And when you combine that with our design language and our manufacturing process, you have a product that is very inexpensive and very functional.”

Hahn said that the company uses about 80% of the materials it buys from suppliers in order to get the beanies made.

The other 20% is made by hand, using a combination of aluminum and copper to make the foam.

The first of the two versions, the Aluminum Beanie for Kids, was launched last month.

The second version, which is now available for purchase, uses a different technology called polymer-coated polyester, which was used to create the aluminum.

The new aluminum-foam beanies have sold well, Hahn added.

“People have been really happy with the product,” he said.

“The consumer response has been great.”

Hahn said the popularity of the Aluminum beanies has been surprising to him.

“This is an unexpected success,” he told CNN.

A lot of kids are playing with these new aluminum beanies. “

For us, it’s just an opportunity to make something really simple for children and really powerful and beautiful for kids,” he added.

A lot of kids are playing with these new aluminum beanies.

“Our kids love them,” said Hahn.

“When they see the little kid holding them and the little boy holding them, they can’t wait to go and get one,” he explained.

The next step in the development of the new beanies is to expand the selection of aluminum materials.

The team is working on adding more colors and more patterns to the product line.

The Aluminum Beanies will go on sale in November, with a suggested retail price of $20.

Hahn believes the product will become popular for a long time to come.

“If you have kids who are really creative, then it’s going to be a really powerful tool,” he emphasized.

“A lot of them are going to start doing something with it.”

The aluminum beanie has been a big hit at the Kids Food Emporium in downtown Dallas, where Zememan and his team have been selling the beanie for about a year.

“As soon as we saw it, we were blown away by the enthusiasm and the amount of people that were buying them,” Hahn told CNN, adding that he thinks it will be “a staple of kids’ lives for the next decade or so.”

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