What’s the deal with the “white trash” sticker on my Kroger cart?

Here’s the thing: it’s not actually white trash.

It’s actually a picture of an actual product called a Kroger Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Bowl.

Kroger Fresh fruit and vegetable bowls are one of the more interesting aspects of Kroger’s recent rebranding.

Kroger has been making fresh fruit and vegetables since 1938, when it first began selling the product.

They’re now considered to be one of America’s best selling products.

But for some reason, they’re still being branded as white trash by some Kroger shoppers, according to The New York Times.

The picture in question shows a Kroggers product that has been rebranded as white garbage.

It looks like it was made by a Krogger employee.

But the real story is that Kroger is actually a very big white trash retailer.

Its grocery stores and grocery delivery service, Fresh Direct, also have white trash stickers on their product labels, but it’s a relatively minor thing.

The New York Post’s Jason Zenger reports that some Krogers are getting away with it because it’s hard to tell which of their products are white trash, and if the customer’s intention is to buy a white trash product, it’s pretty easy to spot.

And what if that white trash sticker is on the product that’s actually selling for $3.99 or less?

That might be fine if it’s for a $3 cup of coffee or $2.99 bag of popcorn.

But in a supermarket, that kind of sticker is probably just plain ugly.

If you’re going to be a Krogers customer, you might as well get your shopping done with the company that made the product, not the one that made that product.

The company that makes that product will probably do their best to make you happy.

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