When Costco’s aluminum foil burns up in your microwave

A Costco store in California recently had a fire in the microwave, and a Costco employee called the police.

The store owner, however, didn’t know the fire was going to happen until firefighters arrived.

When the fire broke out, the fire chief called the firefighters.

He then called the Costco management team, who quickly decided to fire the store owner and fire the company.

In the process, they may have saved some lives.

“If they had waited until it was a serious fire, they would have been in trouble,” said Mike Riedlinger, a fire chief with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The Costco store is in the West Hills neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.

It was evacuated and closed off from the rest of the city, and firefighters were able to bring the fire under control without causing significant damage.

The incident happened in January, but the fire still took a few months to extinguish, Riedling said.

The fire department has taken several precautions, including putting a fire-suppression hose in the ceiling of the store.

“I’m glad it didn’t burn out the back, because it would have hurt us,” he said.

Costco said the incident was not related to a recent incident, which involved a fire at the store and the use of a hazardous material to protect the building.

The company also says it has been using fire retardants in the building for years, but they are not used in a fire.

Riedinger said the company has been working with local officials to make the fire safe and clean for people, pets, and the environment.

He said Costco has been testing fire retardant formulations on some of its buildings and will have more testing of its products in the future.

Rushed to make fires more efficient A Costco spokesperson said the store will start testing its fire retardents in 2018, and that they are ready for use.

The spokesperson added that the company also plans to add fire-proofing to its stores.

The retailer said it will test fire retardent formulations on a small number of of stores in the coming weeks, but will not release that information until later this month.

Rieslinger said he expects Costco to have to use fire retarders for the foreseeable future.

“They’re not going to be making any new products, and they’re not even going to have a new fire prevention program,” he told The Verge.

“It’s like we’re in a big old landfill where we’re going to burn stuff up.”

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