Which kosher foods are good for your health?

Costco has recalled its aluminum foil after an outbreak of Salmonella bacteria linked to a food item.

The recall was announced Friday, the company said in a statement.

The product comes with a label stating that it’s “recommended for food storage and use only in accordance with the product packaging.”

The recall also covers the aluminum foil that is sold in Costco stores.

“Costco will be contacting customers and customers of participating retail locations in the United States to provide information regarding the recall and to provide additional information on this recall,” the company’s statement said.

A Costco spokesperson told CNN the company was working with authorities to identify the source of the Salmonellosis infection and was also working with a consumer advocate group to investigate.

Costco has been working with the FDA on the Saline Products Recall and has been contacting consumers to determine whether the product is still in production, said the company in a release.

“The FDA has received reports of an outbreak associated with the use of aluminum foil in food storage products,” the statement said, “and the FDA is actively investigating the cause of this outbreak.

The agency will be providing additional information as it becomes available.”

The company said that it will be offering free samples of the aluminum and offer refunds to customers.

The Food and Drug Administration has not yet issued a public statement about the recall.

“We have been working closely with the Food and Consumer Protection Office (FDA) and other agencies to investigate this matter, and we are confident that this issue will be resolved quickly and effectively,” the agency said in its statement.

Costco said it will also be making other changes to its store and online shopping platforms to improve customer service and improve safety.

Costcos aluminum foil has become popular in the past decade as it is cheaper than stainless steel and can be reused, but it is also more resistant to heat and moisture, and it can become contaminated with other foodborne pathogens, according to the company.

It’s a common household item.

“While it’s important to make sure that food is stored properly, aluminum foil does not meet FDA requirements for food safety,” the FDA said in an announcement.

“Although aluminum foil is less likely to be contaminated by Salmoneae, it is still safe to eat.”

The agency warned consumers to check with their grocery store or other retailers before eating any food that comes from aluminum foil or any other food product with an expiration date on it.

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