Why is a fireproof foil in a fire proof box?

The Fireproof Box is an item available in the Fallout 4 add-on Honest Hearts.

It is used by the Vault Hunters.

It comes with a fire resistant cover and a fire retardant coating.

The fireproof box is used in conjunction with the fireproof helmet, which also comes with fireproof coating.

It has a small slot to hold a flashlight, which is useful for stealth purposes.

When the helmet is opened, it will give an alarm message that warns the player that the helmet may contain a fire hazard.

When opened, the helmet will reveal a fire safe, which can be used to quickly extinguish a fire.

The helmet also has a fire protection rating of 0.9x, making it the second lowest-rated helmet in the game.

It can be purchased from the Honest Hearts store for 2500 caps, or from the Grand Exchange for 400 caps.

It also has an attachment slot for a torch.

Vault Hunter armor, with a high fire resistance, will make it easier to kill players in the dark.

It appears that fireproof armor is a unique item, as Vault Hunters use Vault Hunter equipment.

The Vault Hunter can be found on the second floor of the Mojave Outpost in the Capital Wasteland, located in the Mojoworld building on the outskirts of Mojave.

It seems to be similar to the Fireproof Vault Hunter, although the player may use the Vault Hunter in conjunction of a Fireproof Helmet or Fireproof Armor.

The armor can be repaired with the Repair skill.

Vault Hunters can be armed with a pair of heavy armor, a light armor or a pair, depending on the type of armor equipped.

Armor Edit The FireProof Armor is an armor piece in Fallout 4.

It requires the Fallout 3 add-ons Honest Hearts, Fallout: New Vegas and Honest Hearts: A Fistful of Bullets.

It provides a +4 bonus to Strength, Endurance and Agility.

When equipped, the armor has an additional bonus of +1 to Constitution, Intelligence and Charisma, and increases the wearer’s Perception by 5%.

It also provides a bonus to Charisma and Strength when used as a headpiece.

Vault-Tec armor is the same type of vault-armor as the FireProof Vault Hunter.

Unlike other vault-themed armor, this armor is not obtainable through the Vault Trader, but instead can be crafted from a variety of armor parts.

It does not provide additional bonuses to stats.

Vault Master armor Edit The Vault Master is a Vault Hunter weapon, available in Fallout: Vegas.

It costs 5500 caps to craft, and comes with the Vault Master Helmet and Vault Master Armor.

When used as an accessory, it provides a penalty to both Strength and Dexterity when used with a heavy weapon.

It increases the damage of heavy weapons by 50% when wielded with a Vault Master weapon, and provides a 20% bonus to maximum Endurance.

It cannot be worn on a character who has taken the Vault-breaker perk.

The player can obtain Vault Master equipment through the Mojagex store, the Grand Old-Fashioned in Fallout Shelter and the Grandma’s Vault in the Grand Canyon.

The items have a crafting cost of 5500, so they are required to craft the Vault Masters headpiece and armor.

Vault Scrapper armor Edit Vault Scrapers armor is an upgrade to the Vault Scraper, and can be obtained through the Fallout:New Vegas and Fallout:NV: Scrapyard add-ins.

It adds +4 to Strength and +2 to Agility.

The upgrade provides a 50% increase in Damage Resistance against all types of non-magical attacks, as well as a +2 bonus to critical chance.

It may also provide a 25% bonus on weapon damage.

The Scrapmaster has a limited supply of Scrap, which must be salvaged to craft additional Scrap.

Scrap can be combined with Scrap for more Scrap in crafting.

Vault Guardian armor Edit In Fallout:Fallout New Vegas, Vault Guardians are Vault Hunters armed with Vault Scrafting Scrap Guns.

When activated, they can craft Scrap and Scrap Gun parts, allowing them to increase their melee damage and critical hit damage by up to +50% for a short period of time.

They can also create Scrap Armor, which provides a small +1 bonus to all attributes.

The new Scrap armor comes with an additional +2 armor bonus.

Vault hunters are equipped with the most powerful of these items: Vault Scrip Gun – 100% increased melee damage Vault Scrunch – +50 Damage Resistance Vault Scrummer – +25% damage resistance when firing a scythe Vault Scruggler – +20% damage reduction when using an axe Vault Screener – +2% melee damage when using a scythes Vault Scythe – +5% damage to non-player characters Vault Scrouser – +10% melee and damage resistance during the Scrugger upgrade, as long as the player

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